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What Kind of Repairs We can Do ?

Cracked Screen

These faults are one of the most common ones. Keeping your phone with cracked screen is not healthy practice, it may effect your eye and definitely effect you mobile's look. We assure to give the best and quickest service for screen repairs.

Software Fixes

Here comes the Job of the geeks. It can any fault due to inappropriate application you installed unknowingly or just a crashed OS of the Cellphone. Our engineers resolve any of the software issue and bring you cell back to life..

Battery Issues

As you all know how important this fix is. Everyone wants a perfect battery back-up of their Mobiles. Keeping a faulted battery in mobile is also a hazard. So here are we to resolve all your battery issues and even replacement.

Overheating Problem

Now a days it is very common issue but is very critical. You should immediately take action for this kind of behaviour from mobile as it affects your mobile phone completely. We provide the best and permanent solutions for these issues and make sure it never happens again.

Non Working Buttons

In case you, any of your friends, family member carry a phone with buttons and it shows problems with buttons not clicking and keypad issues , you can always reach us to get quick resolution for your mobile..

Broken Inputs

This is also one of the common issues one have with the mobile as we input the electric charge with the cable almost daily and we use data cables, earphones that is all too frequent. Getting Issues in Inputs is very common. We cover you with all these issues and will assure the best services.

Water Damage

This can happen to anybody, unknowingly. Water damage is very critical for your mobile devices and its internal parts. Just to let you know no amount of Rice will extract all the moisture your device has. So take your mobile to us as soon as you are aware of the damage. Quick response is the only resolution for this kind of Mobile damages..

Signal Issues

We know that without network the mobile is just a playtoy also if the network Issues continue to occur, everyone get frustrated may it be while downloading something or booking a cab or to order a food. We take care of each network issue and provide you with the best and permanent solution.

Motherboard Problem

This incident happens in rare and critical cases but is very essential to resolve to bring your Mobile back to work. We repair all these issue in a less amount of time as we have a special and extremely experienced team for these issues.

About Us

Greetings, Thankyou for visiting the website, we appreciate your valuable time.

MISSION-Efixman is all about our customers. At EFIXMAN , Our mission is to provide the Best Service to all our customers.

Our Identity - We are a group of geeks, who believes in servicing the customers and resolving their issues on priority. At EFIXMAN, We value our customers and their precious time hence providing the quick and perfect service for their E-Devices. We have worked offline for a year and this is our next step towards making our services available to local customers digitally.

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Call at9111196669,9111169996

Email us:-Support@EfixMan.Com